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Part 1: Partnership program overview


0:00 Welcome

0:13 Topic overview

1:34 How the program works

1:50 Pricing and affiliate program

4:32 Enrolling in the sales program

6:33 Questions

Video with closed captioning (English)

Part 2: Course demo access and purchasing for your customers


0:00 Welcome

0:12 Topic overview

0:48 How the program works

1:11 Enroll in a course

2:55 Sales resources

3:33 Completing a customer sale

5:15 What happens after a sale

5:42 Questions

Video with closed captioning (English)

Part 3: Customer self-purchases and the affiliate program


0:00 Welcome

0:10 Topic overview

1:00 How the program works

1:54 Log in to your SendOwl account

3:26 Finding your affiliate link

4:24 The customer experience

6:15 The SendOwl order tab

7:10 Questions

Video with closed captioning (English)

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