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Distance Leader LLC is pleased to offer a facilitation path for coaches and instructors. Designed as a unique "train the trainer" approach, you will learn about the structure of the courses, coaching techniques that foster adult learning, and conversation techniques to emphasize course topics.

Facilitator Course:

Distance Work Essentials for Leaders and Teams

Becoming a Distance Work Academy facilitator is a great strategy for increasing your own expertise and supporting business growth. In addition to receiving access to the Distance Work Essentials courses for leaders and team members, you'll also receive personalized instruction from Dr. Christopher Wells as part of your training!

what you get

Here’s what you need to know about

Distance Work Essentials facilitators!

Everything you need to run a session

Our courses are built using the latest adult learning techniques. As a facilitator, you'll get a clear overview of how the Distance Work Essentials courses were crafted.

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Additionally, you'll receive step-by-step facilitator guides for each course. These guides provide specific guidance and teaching tips for each lesson. You'll also receive discussion and connection prompts that you can build into your personal presentation style!

Plans for multiple session types

We've identified six different facilitation points for course implementation, from training pre-planning to interim group facilitation to follow-up meeting.

In the facilitation course, you'll receive direct prompts and resources for each type of session.

Empower your learner in multiple work environments!

You can apply what you learn to your own style as you support your learners... we guarantee it!

Access to the experts
Work team collaborating on assignment in computer lab

We understand that every facilitation event and experience is different.

Our facilitators receive special opportunities to regular office hours and events. These events will be hosted by experts from Distance Leader LLC and experienced coaches and facilitators.

You'll be part of a growing community of facilitators, in an environment focused on sharing best practices.

How do I become a facilitator?

Step 1: Purchase the facilitation course

Using the link below, purchase the facilitation course. Within 72 hours, you'll receive an email with customized details to accompany your course:

  • Access codes to the Distance Work Essentials courses
  • Information to complete the next step of the facilitator training process

Step 2: Complete the prerequisites

Complete the Distance Work Essentials course. You can complete either the leaders or the teams course (or both!), but you have to demonstrate that you have mastered the content in the courses. You'll need to complete and send in all course worksheets and complete the assessment with a score of 70% or higher. 

Scan your worksheets and take a screenshot of your completion certificate. These materials will need to be sent to sales@distanceleader.com.

Step 3: Complete the facilitator assignments

When your materials are reviewed, you'll receive access to the Distance Work Essentials Facilitator Training course. You will also receive information on completing the training:

  • You will need to attend a facilitated session led by Dr. Wells.
  • Schedule a one-hour personal video conference call with Dr. Wells to review your materials.

That's it! Facilitator powers unlocked!

Once you have completed your facilitator requirements, you'll receive a graphic badge to place on your social media, promotional material, and LinkedIn profile. You'll also have a standing invitation to participate in regular virtual sessions for facilitators and coaches.

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