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Distance Work Essentials Facilitator Course

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How do I become a facilitator?

Step 1: Purchase the facilitation course

Using the link below, purchase the facilitation course. Within 72 hours, you'll receive an email with customized details to accompany your course:

  • Access codes to the Distance Work Essentials courses
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Step 2

Complete the Distance Work Essentials course. You can complete either the leaders or the teams course (or both!), but you have to demonstrate that you have mastered the content in the courses. You'll need to complete and send in all course worksheets and complete the assessment with a score of 70% or higher. 

Scan your worksheets and take a screenshot of your completion certificate. These materials will need to be sent to sales@distanceleader.com.

Step 3

When your materials are reviewed, you'll receive access to the Distance Work Essentials Facilitator Training course. You will also receive information on completing the training:

  • You will need to attend a facilitated session led by Dr. Wells.
  • Schedule a one-hour video conference call with Dr. Wells to review your materials.

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Congratulations on making a smart purchase! In today's work environment, I believe that improving your approach to distance working is a smart, and essential, decision! In this course, you'll learn a powerful model for transforming your existing work strengths into distance team advantages.

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