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Part 1: Partnership program overview


0:00 Welcome

0:13 Topic overview

1:34 How the program works

1:50 Pricing and affiliate program

4:32 Enrolling in the sales program

6:33 Questions

Video with closed captioning (English)

Part 2: Course demo access and purchasing for your customers


0:00 Welcome

0:12 Topic overview

0:48 How the program works

1:11 Enroll in a course

2:55 Sales resources

3:33 Completing a customer sale

5:15 What happens after a sale

5:42 Questions

Video with closed captioning (English)

Part 3: Customer self-purchases and the affiliate program


0:00 Welcome

0:10 Topic overview

1:00 How the program works

1:54 Log in to your SendOwl account

3:26 Finding your affiliate link

4:24 The customer experience

6:15 The SendOwl order tab

7:10 Questions

Video with closed captioning (English)

Enroll (2 steps)

you must complete both steps!

Once both steps are completed, your application will be processed within 72 hours.

Step 1: 

Fill out the form below to request a personalized demo code.

Step 2:

Click on the link below to set up your affiliate account.

This will take you to SendOwl, an e-commerce system.

Marketing resources

Check here for new marketing resources as they are added.

Flyer #1 (PDF with editable contact area)
Flyer #1 (MS Word - save the file locally)

Flyer #2 (PDF with editable contact area)
Flyer #2 (MS Word - save the file locally)

Custom order page

Specifically for The Business Clinic members! This purchasing page includes exclusive partner pricing and purchase options for your customers.

Distance Leader Academy facilitator training: Distance Work Essentials

Business Clinic members who wish to facilitate live sessions and webinars can take advantage of our Distance Leader Academy facilitator training.

The facilitator training allows you to demonstrate mastery of the materials and discuss a variety of delivery options

How do I enroll in the facilitator training?

  1. Prerequisite: Enroll in the Business Clinic partnership program above.
  2. Using the access information to the Distance Work Essentials programs, complete one of the courses and all materials associated with the course.
  3. Pass the assessment with a score of 70% or greater. Send a screenshot of your score and your completed worksheets to
  4. When your materials are reviewed, you'll receive access to the Distance Work Essentials Facilitator Training.
  5. You will need to attend a facilitated session led by Dr. Wells.
  6. Schedule a one-hour video conference call with Dr. Wells to review your materials.

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